Back on the Course

Back from Richmond, my daily focus is on business, family and constituent services.   However, I also try to get in some 5K and 10K runs when the opportunity presents.

A couple weeks ago, at the Virginia Trial Lawyers convention in Williamsburg, I went toe-to-toe with my old nemesis Bill Mims, the new Attorney General of Virginia.  I say “nemesis” because Bill, while being a class act and smart lawyer, is an accomplished long-distance runner. 

Last year (2008), Bill caught me from behind and crushed me in the last mile of the annual VTLA run.  This year was more of the same. 

We had a small crowd of runners set for a 7:30 a.m. run in the rain.  We took off down Duke of Gloucester street.  Feeling strong I passed Bill as we cruised past the old Capitol and turned around to head back into town.  Unfortunately, he caught me a mile later — right by Bruton Parish — and beat me by thirty seconds (I finished third). 

Then last weekend, I ran in the first annual “Run for the Ridge” 5K to raise money for Laurel Ridge Elementary in Fairfax County.  There was a terrific crowd of parents and kids (perhaps 400+) despite frigid temperatures. 

It was a hilly track through the Kings Park West neighborhood and there were hundreds of children to navigate on the course.  I was dead tired by the end.  Not sure of my time.  Wasn’t very good.  But it felt good to be done.  Thanks to all the PTA volunteers who organized the race. 

Looking forward to more running as the temperatures warm up. Let me know what races are out there and where you will be.

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