Senate Rides On, Two Abreast

The last few days of the Senate are unfolding.  Bills come to the floor, are debated, then voted upon.   Then we wait for the next issue to come along.

There are moments of high drama separated by moments of low comedy.  One such moment yesterday was a House bill that would have effectively decriminalized “riding two abreast” (motorcyles, that is) in Virginia.

After all the double entendres had played out, the bill was killed by safety advocates who over-rode the more libertarian instincts of others.  (I voted “yes” by the way).

On a more serious note, this morning we had a long debate regarding the RPS (renewable portfolio standards”) in our power industry, their effectiveness and the cost to Virginia ratepayers. 

I have some thoughts and very strong opinions  on this issue.  I plan to put up a substantive post on that specific issue  of RPS cost after the session, when I have more time. 

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