Obama Soars, Caps Collapse

One of the benefits of remote control TV’s is that you can enjoy two events simultaneously — or not enjoy as the case may be.

This occurred last night at 9 pm when President Obama was speaking to the nation on his economic recovery plan.   Meanwhile, the Caps were heading into the third period with a narrow 2-1 lead over the hated Flyers.

9:09 pm.  Obama is talking about the eroding economy.  Meanwhile, the Caps defense exhibits its own erosion by permitting a score on a three-on-two break.

9:13 pm.  Obama speaking about green jobs. Caps’ defense leaves fans red-faced as another goal puts Flyers ahead for first time. 

9:15 pm.  Obama transitioning to health care reform.  Caps transitioning to full-on catastrophe as they allow Flyers to split defense and score yet again.

After a useless penalty on the Caps with three minutes left (or 9:25 pm), it was time to watch the President full time — and he was on his game. 

While the speech was short on specifics, it exuded leadership and vision.  It also spoke powerfully to Americans’ sense of destiny, e.g. we invented the automobile (not the Japanese or Germans) and we will continue to design and produce them with American-owned companies.   That was good politics and good history.

The President spoke with a sense of confidence about this nation and its recovery from these economic hard times.  God wiling, that confidence will be rewarded. 

As for hockey …

Fortunately, there are 80 games in an NHL season and the Caps are still in first place.  If possible, I’ll be home by Sunday afternoon to take my fourth grader to a game.   

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