Votes Flying on Senate Floor

I apologize for no post yesterday.  I was in Committee or on the Senate floor from 9 am until late at night.  In spare time, I”m working with parties on some bills generating maximum comment (especially my energy legislation).  If I can smooth out some issues, then I can hopefully push those bills through next week.

The last couple days have been busy on the Senate floor.  We passed “no excuse” absentee voting on Tuesday.  We are also going to pass “bipartisan redistricting” this week.  Both bills have already been killed in the House, so final passage is dubious.

Yesterday we took up a bill on the “triggerman rule”  (if this feels like last year replayed, it is).

Triggerman rule  states that when a homicide occurs, the actual killer is the only one eligible for the death penalty (assuming that it’s a qualifying offense).  There are certain exceptions, e.g. a “murder for hire,” but by and large it logically divides those who truly deserve the ultimate punishment from those who don’t. 

The vote yesterday would blow the lid off the rule by eliminating the distinction between the “triggerman” and his compadres.  It passed the Senate 24-16.  I voted in the minority.  It goes to the House and I expect a veto.

And so it goes ….

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