It’s a Wonderful Life

It was beautiful and quiet Christmas Eve.  Sharon and I took the kids to visit our respective families before arriving home by 8pm. 

Prior to walking over to Church to midnight services, I watched “It’s a Wondeful Life” with my girls.  I’ve seen that movie roughly thirty times.  I’ve not just memorized the script but the mannerisms for each character.  With my Grandmother passed on, this movie is my remaining window into the Greatest Generation.  

And why not.  It’s the American Dream lived out in the small town integrity of our grandparents.  Is there a dry eye in the house when Harry Bailey comes back a war hero and toasts his big brother George  as “the richest man in Bedford Falls”?

And yet one thing always drives me crazy:  Old Man Potter, the villain, walks away at the end of the movie with a cool eight grand when Uncle Billy loses his cash envelope at the bank, thus triggering the ultimate scene where George is bailed out by his neighbors. 

Retaining another’s cash without their knowledge strikes me as fraud and conversion.  Even if Uncle Billy was a dolt for giving it to Potter by mistake, that does not excuse the crime. 

Anyway, these are random quibbles.  A Wondeful Life remains a holiday classic with a pro-Christmas message of love, hope and charity.  Hee haw!

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