Goose Hunt on the Eastern Shore

This morning after Christmas I met my Dad at 4:30 am and we headed east out Rte 50 to the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  

When we reached the blind at 6:45, a cold sun was just creeping over the horizon.  We set up shop in an open field located between the Bay and the Choptank River in Talbot County.  Around us were sixty cardboard decoys.

The first hour was uneventful as the sun burned off the frost.  The geese were limited to some random honking in the far woods.  About 8:00 am, a flock came overhead.  They swooped down and we sprang into action with our shotguns.  About forty-five minutes later, we had hit our “bag limit” and it was time to head home.

On the way, we stopped to have the birds plucked and breasted.  To complete the cycle of life, my wife Sharon prepared a tangy meal tonight of “free range” goose with rosemary, thyme and basil.  My girls and I finished eating it a few minutes ago.

I don’t often get a chance to spend a day outdoors.  Nor spend a day with my father.  Each is a Christmas present to remember.  Long live memories of 2008.     

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