Coats for the Lamb Center

It’s  Christmas and cold as he!! outside.  The perfect time to make a donation of a spare coat or sweater to the Lamb Center located at 3220 Old Lee Highway in Fairfax City. 

The Lamb Center is a United Way charity supported by local churches specifically dedicated to helping area homeless.  My mother and my pastor are both on the Board. 

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to speak at the Center’s annual banquet at Good Shepherd Church.  It was a great event with nearly 300 people, many of whom donate their time to teach classes, provide meals or even give free haircuts.  Credit the leadership of Bob Wyatt, the Executive Director and his great staff. 

Charities are struggling this time of year with declining donations.  We all have a coat, hat or sweater that we don’t use.  Somebody can use it.  Make a donation today!

(Hat tip to Ann for prompting me on this a couple weeks back)


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