Richmond, Fairfax, Fred-burg

I am giving Rte 95 a workout this week.

Tuesday I was in Richmond for our Commission meeting on Human Trafficking.  Many issues raised there, including conditions for immigrants in northern Virginia, which I’d love to comment on.

Then yesterday, I was back in Richmond (after a brief trip home) for another Energy Commission Meeting.  The focus was on “effiiciency” and actually lowering our carbon footprint in real, not just comparative, terms in Virginia.  Some legislative recommendations are hopefully on the way.

Today, I’m briefly at my Fairfax law office but leaving within minutes for the State Senate’s Finance Committee retreat in Fredericksburg.  Obviously, the state economy is the #1 issue for the Senate.  I will report the facts and figures that I’m getting in Fred-burg and how that will impact us in ’09.   

I don’t expect any good news.

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