Heartbreaker at Oakton

It was the “703″ versus the “757″ at Oakton High School yesterday as the Oakton Cougars went  up against Oscar Smith of Chesapeake in the state football semifinals.  It was as good as any high school football in the U.S.

Oscar Smith was positively massive on the line of scrimmage.  I’m going to guesss their starting line was 280+ average.  They also had a big-time quarterback and a very fast deep threat also named Smith (shades of Santana Moss).  Oakton was smaller but very quick on both sides of the ball. 

Oakton got out first, taking a 7-0 lead to half-time despite having their star quaterback knocked out of the game.  That 7-0 advantage backed by some stalwart tackling held up until deep in the third quarter, when Oscar Smith hit a long bomb to receiver Smith and then went back to him for the tying touchdown.  7-7.

It was halfway through the fourth and the shadows were lengthening over Cougar stadium when Oakton began a drive under its own posts and punched its way across midfield.  The Cougars were just entering field goal range when there was a fumble recovered by Oscar Smith.  That was key.  Then a few plays later, it was another 50+ yard throw to Smith down to the 5 yard line.  Oakton held but Oscar Smith kicked a field goal with a minute left to go up 10-7.

With just a minute remaining, Oakton got one first down on a sideline pass but a fourth down throw was evidently trapped by the receiver at midfield (looked like a bad call but I was standing 60 yards away behind the end zone).   Ballgame.

Congratulations to the fans and the thousands who attended.  (Last one leaving Chesapeake, please turn of the lights).  You are not going to see a harder-hitting game at that level.



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