Marine Corps Marathon — Running for Michael

A lot of people have compared this Presidential campaign to a marathon.  Over two years of dinners, speeches, debates and fundraising.  It’s a tough grueling road. 

By comparison running 26.2 miles sounds easy.  You lace up your shoes, step out on the course and a few hours later you’re done.  But climbing hills and fighting a chilling wind when you’re 16 miles in?  Trying to find energy to run, not walk, the last miles?  It takes a strong body and a stronger mind. 

What is tougher than either one?

Finding out that your child has cancer and helping them prepare for the final months of their life.  That is an experience more painful than any marathon.

This Sunday, October 26th, I’ll be running in the Marine Corps Marathon. It’s my second time.  I’ll be running as a part of a team, specifically the “Friends for Michael” team.

Michael Kwinn was a special boy who contracted cancer and passed away at the age of 13.  Before he died, he started “Friends for Michael” which raises funds to help families that are battling childhood cancer.  Friends for Michael helps families by making cash donations to help them get through the tough economic times while they focus on getting treatment for their child.

In 2006, I met Mike and Brigitte Kwinn on the Orange Line subway riding to the MCM start line.  It was an honor to represent their late son in the race (I finished in four hours forty minutes).  Their son’s foundation has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight childhood cancer.  As a team member, I helped raise those funds and I’m raising money again this year. 

I’m looking forward to being on their team again this Sunday.  It’s a long road — the marathon — but it’s nothing compared to what they’ve endured. 

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