Debate at Robinson HS

Just got back from Robinson High School in the heart of Braddock District where I debated Gail “for Rail” Parker, the Independent Green candidate for U.S. Senate.  I represented Mark Warner.  No one showed up for Gilmore, which is a definite trend.

High school debates at Robinson are a regular staple of Fairfax County politics.  I have participated in seven since 2001 representing the following candidates:  Petersen, Petersen, Kerry, Kaine, Webb, Petersen and now Warner. 

There is always a large number of senior class students as well as neighbors from Kings Park West that attend.  The questions are good and heckling is kept to a minimum, unless one of the candidates is really nuts.  Congrats to the government teachers that organize the debates. 

Robinson used to be the absolute “swing” area of the County.  It was consistently Republican in the Nineties.  I broke through and won it in 2001, after an intense door-knocking effort.  In 2004, it went for Kerry by one vote out of several thousand cast.

This year, all things look Obama.  But more on that tomorrow.

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