Back from Bear Creek

This week, Wednesday and Thursday, I was down at Bear Creek Lake State Park in Cumberland County with members of the joint House and Senate Agriculture and Natural Resource Commitees.

The occasion was an intense twelve-hour “boot camp” on all environmental issues pertaining to Virginia, from saving blue crabs in the Bay to growing canola in southwest Virginia.  And everything in between.

I managed to slip out of class about 6 pm on Wednesday after several hours of seminars.  Still in a daze, I joined the State Forester for a quick round of skeet shooting at Cumberland State Park.  Bird!  Rabbit!

That night, our Committee had a wonderful dinner care at the historic Cumberland mansion.  After spending the night at a rustic state cabin, I went for a run around the Lake the next morning.  Very cold but very pretty.  Reminds me of a girl I used to know …

Anyway, we touched on a lot of issues which are fascinating to me (and will be to you).  I am going to try and post on them in the next few days so you can have a break from Wall Street crisis, Biden vs. Palin, etc, etc.


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