A Strange Calm in Battleground Virginia

It is an historic moment to be a Virginian.  All around the globe, people are watching the U.S. elections, and increasingly their eyes are on the Old Dominion.

Never in my lifetime have we played such a role in a Presidential race. 

All the stars are coming here for the last 72 hours.  Hillary Clinton headlines an event at George Mason University on Sunday.  John McCain is having an event in Springfield.  And, of course, the main event Barack Obama will be in Manassas on Monday evening.

While all this is going on, the various campaign headquarters are like Grand Central Station on steroids.  I stopped by Obama headquarters this morning, during the middle of a workday, and it was jammed with volunteers and staff making phone calls, delivering signs and preparing voting lists.  Every house has been canvassed, every phone line has been called. 

And yet … with the fate of the Free World in balance … life still goes on!

The Fairfax County courthouse was crowded this morning with people fighting traffic tickets and lawyers standing in life for the motions judge.  Outside pedestrians walk by and cars honk their horns. 

And tonight dozens of kids dressed as Hannah Montana or Spiderman walk through the neighborhood collecting candy and treats.  If not for the blue signs in every other yard, you would not know that this state is the focus of the world’s attention.

People may be talking about a big match-up.  Redskins-Steelers on Monday night, of course.  Politics?  They keep it pretty close to the vest. 

(Update Saturday night)

Took some time off the campaign trail to attend my 2 daughters’ soccer games and attend the opening of the new Blenheim Interpretive Center in Fairfax City.  I also slipped over the Potomac River to join NOVA RFC in a late-afternoon rugby game against the Maryland Exiles.  In the second game, the “Legends” took the field and rocked the world with a win, 33-15.

(Update Sunday at 4:30 pm)

Out canvassing all day.  Hitting townhomes on the north side of the Vienna Metro.  Weather has turned cool.  Fewer people outdoors.  Pre-election fatigue setting in.  I’m hitting “undecideds” but that’s a code word for “leave me alone” at this point.

(Update Sunday at 7:50 pm)

Just returned from Hillary rally at GMU.  Couple thousand there.  I met her afterwards and mentioned that I worked for her husband in 1992.  She looked fab in a light blue suit.   My old House compadre Lionell Spruill had made the trip up from Chesapeake, so I saw him.  Also hung out with Patriots’ hoops coach Jim Larranaga.  Told me he’s got 6 really good freshman ball players this year.

Thirty six hours to go.

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