Mark Warner Makes History

Just got back from Uptown Grill at Fairfax Circle.  About 100 people came by tonight for our Convention party and about half  stuck around to actually see Mark Warner give the keynote .

I’m not going to lie … a lot of the Delegates seemed to distracted.  Waiting for Hillary?  But back in Fairfax City, we were paying 100% attention.

It makes all the difference when you know someone and when you’ve been there.

Mark’s been there.  So have a lot of us in Virginia. 

Two-to-one Repub legislative majority?  Been there.

Massive Budget deficits and economic recession?  Been there (maybe doing it again)

Jobs leaving rural communities and going to China?  Been there.

When Mark spoke about new jobs coming to Lebanon, VA, it may not have been of interest to all the Delegates.  But a lot of folks in this state have been there.  And they know who walks the walk on economic development.

Congrats to Mark on a great speech.  Let the national critics take their swipes.  Cause they ain’t been there.

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