Clintons Take Ball, Run With It

I’ll preface by saying that my bedtime is 10 pm (without fail), so I missed Hillary’s speech last night.  Yes I read the highlights this a.m.  Everyone said it was a knockout.

Just got done watching Bill give his speech. 

Watching Clinton speak reminds me of one of the best bits of advice I ever heard.  Of course, it relates to sports (what doesn’t?) …

When the game is on the line, you put the ball in the hands of your best player.

That’s Bill Clinton for the Democratic team.  Nobody is more natural on a national stage.  Nobody has a better feel for his audience, in the arena and on TV.  Nobody has more confidence, based on experience.

You can like or dislike Bill Clinton.  You can say he bollixed some of Hillary’s message this year.  But he created the moment that the Democratic party is now living in.  He made it possible to win a national election again.  And no one sets the stage better for Democrats – no one articulates our issues more clearly — than the former Governor of Arkansas.   

He remains the second-most popular U.S. politician in my lifetime (R. Reagan is #1) and I’m now 40 years old.  So that’s saying something.

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