Survival of the Fittest (or Fattest?) on the W&OD Trail

Today, I ran in the annual Friends of the W&OD 10 kilometer road race.  Thank you to the Friends who organized and staffed it all with volunteer labor.  They do a great job.  Thanks guys!

The W&OD course is the old railroad right-of-way through the heart of northern Fairfax County.  The Northern VA Regional Park Authority owns and operates the trail, while Dominion Power maintains a right of way along the trail for its power lines.    

From Vienna station, the course is a straight shot along the trail until it hits Hunter Mill Road, then back.  The first mile is downhill and fast (I ran it in 6:53).  Then everything slows d-o-w-n …

The July heat was not as bad as last year’s race but it was still about 90 degrees at race time.  It really gets you on the way back.  I survived and finished.  I’ll leave it at that.   Of course, I was passed by about a half-dozen lithe youngsters on the last mile.   

Thought of the day while staggering to the finish line:  I notice that there are race categories by age … how about weight?  Like wrestling? 

That may be my only chance to win a medal these days. 

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