Saturday Morning at Dunkin’ Donuts

Saturday morning, I went for a run at Oakton High School.  Afterwards, I stopped at the Fairfax Circle Dunkin’ Donuts to pick up a muffin and cup of joe.

At Dunkin D, I ran into former State Senator John Russell (R-Fairfax City), who represented the 34th District from 1982-1986.  Prior to that, he was the mayor of Fairfax City for many years, including while my father was a City Councilman in the early Seventies. 

We had a nice visit.  Senator Russell was reminiscing about when he was one of six Republicans in the State Senate, which was dominated at that time by Ed Willey (D-Richmond) and Hunter Andrews (D-Hampton).  Talk about one-party domination! 

One of the great things about the City is that old politicians never fade away, they become your constituents!

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