Young Lawyers Event tonight

Tonight is our annual Young Lawyers event at the Hard Times in Fairfax City, directly across the street from the courthouse.  It’s from 5:30-7:30 pm.  Crowds in past years have ranged from 50 to 250.  Everyone is welcome and there is no charge for admission. 

I know that several of our 11th District Congressional candidates will be there.  In addition, there will be local officials and candidates for statewide office in 2009.  You can come and mix with them.  Ask them about their vision for this great state.

What’s with the name?

When I ran for the House in 2001, I asked my friends Sandy Thomas and Scott Surovell to help me with a fundraiser in the legal community.  We knew that the senior partners and lobbyists would not support a challenger.  So I figured we’d advertise the event to “the young lawyers” we knew.  

We picked a host committee, sent out the invites and reserved a small room at a local restaurant.  My sole goal for the event was to avoid total embarassment.

Amazingly, the room was packed and the party rocked til late in the night.  We went on to win the election and “Young Lawyers” became an annual staple with bands, speeches and (occasionally) donations. 

The event is not limited to lawyers, young people or Democrats.  It’s open to anyone who enjoys Virginia politics or a cold beer.  Or both.

Hope to see you tonight. 

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