Young Lawyers Even and Straw Poll results

Just came back after a terrific party tonight at the Hard Times.  We had about 150-200 people.  Not your usual political crowd.  Better looking by far!

Business owners, lawyers, engineers, professors.  They were all there to participate.  Lots of folks I met in 2007 on the campaign trail or in 2008 down in Richmond.  

We held the 11th CD Democratic straw poll.  The results are unscientific as less than half the people voted (voter apathy can even extend to straw polls). The others were more interested in Buffalo Wings or dollar beers — or aren’t voting on June 10th in the Dem primary.   

Here are the results, written on the back of an envelope:

Leslie Byrne  63%   (38)
Doug Denneny 18%  (12)
Gerry Connolly 16%  (10)
Other 2%  (2)

Leslie and Doug were there to speak to the crowd, which undoubtedly helped their vote total.  The personal touch always makes the difference. 

Jon Bowerbank also appeared.  He’s from Russell County and will be competing for the Democratic nomination for Lt. Govenor next year.  Jon owns a company that makes natural gas drilling equipment and will has a lot of knowledge on both energy and small business issues.   

Good times. 

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