Memorial Day Rolling Thunder

This morning was the “Ride of the Patriots” from the Patriot Harley Davidson dealership in Fairfax City.  At 7 a.m., about 4,000 bikes were stretched out along Fairfax Boulevard, engines idling as they prepared for the day’s ride.

Memorial Day weekend in D.C. is one of the biggest bike rallies in the U.S, with over 200,000 bikers coming into D.C. for the remembrance ceremonies.  This morning at Patriot, I met bikers from Canada, Australia and Germany.  As well as from Manassas, Springfield and Centreville.   Today, they are all great Americans. 

After a moving speech from the Sergeant Major of the Army, we rolled out of the parking lot and began thundering towards the Pentagon, the staging point for bikers coming from VA and points south. 

I was riding on the back of a fully-loaded Harley with a member of the Fairfax HOG’s (Harley Owners Group).  The sun was beautiful and the noise was defeaning.  God Bless America!

We rode down Rte. 66 (where police had blocked regular traffic), banked to the right at Washington Boulevard and then rolled into the Pentagon parking lot.

Or at least that was the idea.  As often happens, some folks missed the Pentagon exit and headed back south again.  Myy ride went with them.  On  the way down Rte. 395, we saw thousands of bikers coming up from Dumfries, Dale City and Woodbridge.  What a sight.  You won’t ever forget it.

I just got back home a few minutes ago.  Riding in Rolling Thunder is a truly amazining event.  Somewhat akin to running the Marine Corps marathon but not as tiring. 

A great start to an important day. 

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