Memorial Day in Vienna

Yesterday was a full day, beginning at 10 a.m. with the annual remembrance ceremony at the Flint Hill Cemetery organized by Post 180 of the American Legion in Vienna.  Afterwards the participants gathered at the Legion hall to celebrate the day and our heroes from northern Virginia.

The rest of the day was spent at the Viva Vienna carnival on Church Street downtown.  Despite the heat, the booths and walkways were crowded with thrill-seekers, attention-getters and assorted hangers-on.  And those were just the Congressional candidates.

I shared a booth with Delegate Steve Shannon.  We had a chance to talk to hundreds of constituents from the Vienna/Oakton area, which is the northern half of my Senate district (and all of Steve’s House district).

Last summer I spent thousands of hours knocking on doors in this area.  And then suddenly I come face to face with the same people all at once.  (I know you … you have the German Shepherd and live on Meadow Street … you have the broken screen door on Plum Street …. your driveway off Beulad Road is a mile long).

Anyway, congratulations to the Vienna Rotary Club which organizes the mammoth event — the biggest of its kind in Fairfax county.

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