Postscript to Wise Visit

A couple weeks ago I posted about my trip to Wise, specifically about our flight to the Lonesome Pine airport which sits up in the hills, a few miles above the town of Wise.

I noted the fact that there was no one there when we arrived, but that’s often how it goes at rural airports.  What is unusual is that the Chairman of the Cumberland Airports Commission took the time to call last week and follow up with me about the flight. 

I learned a lot about managing an airport, namely that the commissioners are volunteers and always accommodating to folks (like me) flying in from the east side of the state. 

Recently the airport acquired an ILS (Instrument Landing System) which will greatly improve the safety and convenience of pilots coming into Lonesome Pine.   As of yet, the FAA has not yet turned on the system, so it’s still inactive.  Hopefully, that will happen soon.

Regardless, I’ve flown into Wise three times and it’s been a great trip every time.  Thank you to the folks at the Airport Commission for keeping the light on for us.


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