Back in Richmond

We’re back in Richmond for the reconvened session today.  We have been in and out of recess all day today.

What has happened?

The Governor’s amendments to House and Senate bills were largely passed without comment.  Two were rejected.  Each is noteworthy:

On SB 596, the Governor proposed an amendment which limited the jurisdiction of the State Corporation Commission over transmission lines and conservation issues.  A lot of issues there, both on the industry and the environmental side.  The administration pulled back and the amendment was defeated.

On HB 30, the budget bill, the Governor proposed a bill to reduce funds for drug treatment programs and shift it to compensate ambulance providers.  The prevailing opinion in our Caucus and on the floor was that funds for drug treatment, which had been carefully added after years of neglect, was the wrong fund to raid.  Again, that was defeated.

We’re on a break right now  …

There is a philosophical discussion going on right now with Don McEachin, me and Jeff Schapiro of the Times-Dispatch.  What is a citizen legislator?  Where do you cross the line?  Who will be eliminated on American Idol?

Tonight, God willing, we will elect judges to fill judicial vacancies and be out of here within the next two hours.

Postscript:  at 7:15 pm, the Senate passed a resolution to fill judicial vacancies.  It now goes to the House.  Hopefully, we’ll have 20+ new jduges elected tonight. 

P.P.S.:  at 8:45 a.m., trouble brewing on the Hampton judges. 

P.P.P.S.  it’s 9:45 a.m., 3 judges have been pulled off by the Repubs.  Story at 11.  We’re adjourned.

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