Easter Weekend in Fairfax

It was a great weekend to be back home.  After church, we took the kids over to my parents’ house for the annual Easter egg hunt.  My sister Mary, her husband and four boys were also there. 

The adults hid candy and eggs all over the backyard, and then let the kids have at it. 

This will be the last Easter that my family is together for some time.  Due to my Dad’s recent Fullbright award, my parents will be moving to Seoul in early 2009 and will be there six months.

Meanwhile, my sister’s family is moving to Beijing this summer (??!!), as my brother-in-law works for an overseas equity fund.  They will be gone for two years.

One of the major macro trends of the past ten years has been the orientation of our commerce towards the Pacific Rim.  Of course, I know that directly from my father-in-law immigrating from Korea to open a business in the U.S., as well as the dozens of small (and not-so-small) immigrant businesses that I represent as a lawyer.

Now, increasingly, Americans are going overseas to invest or bring back capital.  This trend will continue into the foreseeable future.

Virginia needs to establish a stronger presence in the Pacific Rim, particularly in order to attract foreign capital.  We have strong cachet due to our excellent universities and location next to Washington D.C.  But we don’t seem to have an integrated program for attracting foreign investment. 

I’d like to see this Governor and his successors build that relationship.  The private market is already way ahead.

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