Major Bills Coming Out of P&E Committee

This evening, the Senate’s Privileges and Elections Committee met.  We passed out some major bills:

Nonpartisan Redistricting Act (SB 38)
“No Excuses” Absentee Voting (SB 69)
Homstead Exemption Constitutional Amendment (SJR 6)

I voted “yes” on all these measures.  Remarkably, they all passed.  I don’t want to put a partisan spin on it but … let’s face it, it’s a new era when these types of measures pass a Virginia legislative body.  

The first two bills are designed to open up the political process and lessen the influence of special interests.  The constitutional amendment, if approved by the voters, gives a significant tool to local governments dealing with rising home assessments. 

These bills will be on the floor for a vote by early next week.  They are all major changes to our law and I look forward to the coming debate. 

I’ll try to put up posts about each bill or resolution on in the next few days.  Actually, I tackled SB 69 last week so I’ll focus on the other two.

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