Abuser Fee Battle Lingers

Just got off the Senate floor where we had a fight over … abuser fees?

This year, the Senate and House have been unanimous in our desire to deep-six the controversial fees that ushered several incumbents into oblivion in 2007.  Measures to repeal the fees, including my SB 443, have sped through Committee with no opposition.

Today, however, the Republicans offered an amendment to Senate Bill 1 which would limit the benefits of repeal only to those who prove that their underlying offenses did not “endanger life or limb.”  Well that exception covers pretty much every reckless driving conviction. 

Which puts us right back where we started.

We don’t need a repeal that forces every convicted driver to return to court to prove he deserves relief from abuser fees.  We need a clean repeal.  Senate Democrats voted for that.  We also voted to apply an “emergency clause” so that the repeal applies immediately.

Monday, when we cast our recorded vote for the clean repeal, we’ll see if the whole chamber agrees with us.

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