Victory Yesterday

It’s 1:00 pm on Wednesday, November 7th.  I am in the office trying to catch up on files that have been neglected for the past few weeks.

We won last night by a margin of 55.1% – 44.6%, out of 46,000 votes cast.   The strength of our showing combined the expected (large margins in Fairfax City and Braddock) with the unexpected (a sweep of all four precincts in the Town of Vienna).  We were competitive in the whole district, only losing five precincts out of forty-five.

I give the credit to my hard-working staff and volunteers.  They never stopped making phone calls, hitting doors or putting up signs.  They did it all.

I had a chance to speak to the Democratic audience at the McLean Hilton last night.  The tape is here and here

It was a great moment for me and my family.  The Richmond Times Dispatch put my walking shoes on its front page today.  The Washington Post even mentioned my name in its article.    

At some point in the next few days, I will post my analysis of this race.   In the meantime, here are the precincts that I door-knocked beginning on February 10th and continuing thru November 5th: 

Camelot (won), Ridgelea (won), Woodson (won), Old Creek (won), Olley (won), Long Branch (won), Oak Hill (won), Laurel (won), Robinson (won), Villa (won), Vienna #1 (won), Vienna #2 (won), Vienna #6 (won), Wolf Trap (won), Westbriar (LOST!), Freedom Hill (won), City #3 (won), Vienna #4 (won), Thoreau (won), Lake Braddock (won), Penderbrook (won), City #4 (won), City #6 (won), and City #1 (won).

And that is how the 34th was won. 

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