Smoke Clears from Election Day …

It’s a week after Election day.  We have pulled up the signs and taken apart the “four by eights.”  On Monday night, we had a celebration at Mythos restaurant in Fairfax with our volunteers and contributors.  I would say that upwards of 200 people attended (and that might be a conservative guess).  For all of you who donated your time and money, there’s not much to say except … thank you!

Tomorrow, I drive to Blacksburg to get a briefing on the state’s finances from the Finance Committee staff.  After that, I will begin drafting my legislative package for 2008.  As promised, it will be largely based on the “Virginia 2.0″ plan.  My goal will be to find Delegates and Senators around the state who can help us with these initiatives.  The election is over and we are working together.

In the next eight weeks, I am spending as much time as I can with my wife and children.  I’ve missed them.  I also have two jury trials coming up before session.  Politics is nice but legal business pays the bills. 

We’re still crunching the numbers from Election Day.  (The County had mistakenly flipped the “absentee ballot” vote in the 34th SD on election night.  We ended up winning it 55-45, which gave us an overall margin of 10.9%).  Once I’m satisified with that, I’ll post my analysis and see your thoughts in the blogosphere.



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