No Movie for Thirty-Something Parents

This weekend was great.  For the first time in months (years?), I spent significant time with my kids.  Sharon made a great Thanksgiving meal and my brother-in-law visited us from NYC with his fiancee.

Ok, it wasn’t all family time.  I slipped out on Thursday morning to run a 5K in Centreville and then again on Saturday to play in a rugby tournament in Maryland.  My athletic performance was nothing special but it was great to do something besides law or politics.

Friday night, my wife and I saw the Coen brothers’ new movie “No Country for Old Men.”  I had not seen an adult (i.e. non-childrens’) movie in several months.  So I was ready for something …

That violent?   

Maybe my reaction is a gauge of my changing sensibilities or just having kids.  I loved “Pulp Fiction” when it came out in 1994.  But I was not prepared for the gratuitious violence in NCFOM, which evidently is a critics’ favorite. 

What was the point?  Or do you even need a point?  I found it disturbing that so much mayhem could occur without any evident justice or even retribution.   Even in a movie.  It was really a bummer.  (And I love movies). 

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