We Had a Debate — and My Opponent Failed to Show

Last night, October 8th, we held a debate at Old Town Hall in downtown Fairfax.  Funny thing is … my opponent Senator Devolites-Davis chose not to attend.

Debates at Old Town Hall have a long history in our community.  I have been attending them since I was a child and my Dad was running for Fairfax City Council.  It is traditional for Delegates and Senators to schedule one.  Delegate Jack Rust and I had one in 2001, when I was the Democratic challenger.   It was a contest I won’t soon forget, as he was an excellent debater.

The debate last night had been set for over a month.  The City Republican and City Democratic Committees were joint sponsors.  Both campaigns had it scheduled and Old Town Hall was reserved.

Last week, the Devolites-Davis campaign asked for a ban on recording devices.  Of course, we refused.  This is a public debate for a public office.  Recording debate statements is standard, especially when candidates have a tendency to stray from the truth in their remarks.

I found out over the weekend that the Devolites-Davis campaign would not appear.  It was too late to cancel the event so we had a Town Hall instead with 100+ people.  They deserved better.


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