Bringing Hundreds of Millions to Fairfax

One of my favorite lines in politics is when a politician tells voters that “I’ve brought you millions of dollars” for new schools, transportation projects, et al.

Tuesday, October 23rd, at the candidate forum at Robinson Secondary Schoool, my opponent claimed that she succeeded in 2007 in “bringing hundreds of millions of dollars to Fairfax” with the new transportation bill.

Is that a fact?

The transportation raises taxes on local businesses (increased commercial property tax), local homeowners (increased grantor’s tax) and local drivers (increased tax on purchase of cars).  That’s in addition to other lesser local taxes and the notorious “abuser fees.” 

No one is “bringing” anything to Fairfax.  Fairfax is paying higher taxes under the direction of the new regional transportation authority.

At least be honest about what’s going on.  Give credit to the Northern Virginia taxpayer who will pay the highest taxes in the state under the new plan. 

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