So How Was Your Weekend?

The Washington Post is very interested in family politics in the 34th State Senate District.  Apparently, our race has statewide (and potentially national) implications.

My family’s schedule was not featured in the article.  We are not celebrities.  But here it is anyway:

Friday, Sept 14, 6 pm:  I am shaking hands at the “Unite and Excite” rally for Fairfax High School Homecoming.  It’s great because I’m an FHS alum (Class of ’86) and the families there are my neighbors in Fairfax City.  However, it’s also raining. 

Friday, 8 pm:  It’s still raining.  I am out with our crack “sign team” putting up 4×8 signs.  My Dad supervises.  Of course, we’re using his tools.  Some things never change.

Friday, 9 pm:  My wife Sharon has just left town for a friend’s wedding.  She has left an exact schedule for me to follow in her absence.  Too bad I can’t find it. 

Saturday, Sept 15, 9 am:  My daughter Mary Walton has an FPYC soccer game.  I take her and brother and sister to the local park.  It’s a beautiful day.  Lots of parents are there.  MW likes wearing the uniform; she’s not so sure about the rules.  After the game, my Mom picks up the kids and I’m off.

Saturday, 10 am – dark:  I’m out all day hitting doors.  I take a break in the early afternoon to change shirts. For lunch, I have a Gatorade and two hot dogs.  Healthy eating will have to wait.  

Saturday, all day:  My sister Mary comes over with her four boys.  She watches all seven Petersen grandchildren at my parents’ house. 

Saturday, 8:30 pm:  I stop by my parents’ house to bathe my kids and put them in bed.  Sharon wil be home tomorrow.  We miss you!

Sunday, Sept 16 7:30 am:  Paul VI High School is having its annual 5K run.  I get there early and shake hands with the runners.  And we’re off!  I finish in 22 min. and 36 seconds, which isn’t bad considering my training has suffered in the past few weeks.  I stand at the finish line to greet the arriving runners. 

Sunday, 9 a.m:   Mom wakes the kids up and takes them to church. 

Sunday 10 am:  I attend a friend’s funeral.  On the way back, I return a call from the WaPo who wants a quote about Tom Davis running for U.S. Senate.  (Today’s article mentions that Tom ran the 5K race at Paul VI.  My participation is not mentioned.  Guess I finished too early).

Sunday noon-dark:  I am hitting doors.  At one point, I lock myself out of my car.  Emergency.  My campaign manager stops by my  house, finds my extra keys and brings them to me.  Emergency averted. 

Sunday, 2 pm:  My mom takes the my daughter Eva to her running meet, with the others in tow.   Then she takes them back to our house, where our babysitter watches them.   

Sunday, 8 pm:  It’s dark and the sign team is back in action.  

Sunday, 9 pm:  Mom/Sharon is finally home.  The kids are in bed. I am answering 26 emails in the “In Box.”  I review my legal schedule and prepare for an upcoming week.  

What’s the real story?

I can’t do what I do without a great family behind me.  Thank you.


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