Time Out for Real Life

(Brief author’s note — This week I am in trial in Fairfax County Circuit Court.  Being in trial for a lawyer is like being underwater.  You are only vaguely aware of other things going on.  So my blogging has been reduced)

This past Sunday, my wife and I attended Korean Central Presbyterian Church, where my in-laws are members.  It was a special event for our family.  My mother in law was singing in the choir.

In November of 2005, my mother-in-law had a major stroke.  It changed her life and ours.  Pror to the stroke, she was the choir director at KCPC (the largest church choir in Fairfax County).  She was also a caretaker of our children and lavished them with attention.  She was 55 years old and looked much younger and very glamorous.  Everybody knew her.

After the stroke, everything changed. 

My wife and her father have spent the last two years dealing with the new situation, physically, emotionally and legally.  It’s not easy.  And it will never be the same.  But they have faith. 

Sunday we got to hear her sing again.  Her walk was unsteady inside the church.  But her voice on “God of Ages” was there.  You could still hear it. 

It was a victory for her.  We were glad to share it. 

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