Boycott of PWC Businesses?

One of the issues this election year has been the growing population of illegal immigrants in Northern Virginia and how our larger community will handle that. 

There is a legitimate dispute as to whether local or state governments should wade into what is a Federal responsibility.  What makes sense in Prince William may not in Arlington or Fairfax.  Each jurisdiction has to fight a range of illegal conduct and assign its resources accordingly.  

But what is undisputed, in my opinion, is that we are a nation of laws, as well as a nation of immigrants.  And those laws must be respected.

Which takes us to the boycott recently announced in Prince William County ….

Recently, organizers of the ”undocumented immigrant” community announced a boycott against PWC businesses which cooperate with the County’s policy of locally enforcing U.S. immigration laws.

This is an active democracy.  Boycotts have historically played a part in giving a voice to the powerless.  However, it is truly surreal to have those who illegally enter the United States now organizing a political movement to protest the policies of our democratically elected leadership. 

What’s next?  A boycott of businesses that refuse to hire illegal aliens?

I am not trying to “dumb down” the illegal immigration issue.  It’s very complex.  But when I read about a boycott of law-abiding businesses that does not inspire sympathy.  Especially when the rhetoric compares itself with the civil rights struggles in this nation.   

You may agree (or not) with the decisions of the PWC Board to proactively address the immigration issue at the local level.  But this is not Montgomery Alabama in 1954.  To criticize their decision as “racist” or “un-American” is really to criticize the concept of national borders and immigration laws.

And that’s a much bigger boycott.



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