A Respite from the Dog Days of August

The last few days have been the hottest of the year.  Last night, I was door-knocking townhouses where the front door was on the 2nd floor.  Up the brick steps, down the brick steps.  By the time I finished, I could have been poured into a bucket.

It’s August.  My old house has no air conditioning.  My opponent has a half-million dollars on hand.  I have to prepare for a trial next week.  My kids are bored.  Life is tough.

Sounds like the right time for a beer at the Vienna Inn. 

Please join us this Thursday, August 9th from 7-9 pm for “Chappy Hour” at the Vienna Inn on Maple Street to relax and share some laughs.  Can you believe that we are only 90 days away from the Election?

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