Richmond Tells Fairfax Voters: You Just Don’t Understand Our Laws

The Republican leadership held a press conference in Richmond yesterday to defend the abuser fee laws.  They were joined by Governor Kaine. 

The message of the conference was this:  voters who are protesting the new taxes and abuser fee laws just don’t understand them well enough.  Or aren’t serious about cracking down on drunk driving or bad driving.

This morning I had breakfast at the MacDonald’s on Old Lee Highway with a dozen retirees, many of whom have owned businesses or been elected officials in Fairfax City. 

The consensus:  Richmond has it wrong.

First point.  You don’t raise reliable revenue with excessive fines for criminal conduct.  Nor do you prevent crime.  Otherwise, we should have a million-dollar fine for committing murder.   (You’re opposed to that? Then you must not be serious about stopping murders).  

Second point.  Many people exceed the speed limit.  Not everyone is pulled over or ticketed.  Are the legislators who vote for these laws at risk of getting charged?  (If you answered “yes,” then we have 300 dry acres in the Everglades to sell you).

With all due respect to our esteemed leaders, the opposition to this law has been a truly grass-roots movement.  Common sense is making a comeback in state politics.  Don’t stand in the way!



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