Furor Continues Over Driving Fees

Gosh, remember when “abuser fees” were a painless way to raise revenues for new roads?

Looks like that prescription has completely backfired. 

Ironically, the gross revenue raised from this measure ($60M) equals exactly one penny per gallon on the state gas tax.  More pertinently, the revenue assumptions for “abuser fees” do not factor in the effort of collecting the fines (which may involve the jailing of drivers who can’t afford the fees).  That’s where the real cost lies. 

For the record, I believe that the abuser fee law ought to be repealed.  Having said that, it’s not enough to say “no” to the status quo — you also need to project a vision for the future.  Over the next several weeks, I’m looking forward to doing that.

We can do a lot better. 

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