A Little Perspective (Goes a Long Way)

An article in the Post Metro section yesterday stated that Democratic candidates were “running away” from Governor Kaine because of his link to the unpopular abuser fees.  

To quote the Post, that’s stretching the truth. 

First of all, Democrats will never agree on every issue.  The beauty of democracy is that friends and allies can occasionally disagree on a method while still supporting the same basic principles. 

Second, the Governor’s role is to work with the legislature as it’s presently comprised – as Democratic candidates our role is to present a vision for new leadership in the General Assembly. 

Third, I’m a Tim Kaine fan and have been since January 2001, when my neighbor and I began collecting signatures at the Fairfax City Giant for his Lieutenant Governor candidacy.   As a State Delegate, I carried his signature bill on televising the General Assembly sessions – one of my favorite issues — and we shared a Wednesday morning Bible study class together which lasted all four years of my tenure. 

He’s a class act and a friend.  Publish that, Post!


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