Rat Pack is Back ….


Okay, busted.

As you can see from today’s Washington Times, our campaign has been accused of using colorful monikers for potential donors in a crass attempt to raise funds.  In this case, the event in question – Wednesday’s Young Lawyers fundraiser — has a “Rat Pack” theme.

Despite the obligatory misspelling of my last name, the article is essentially correct.

God help me but I’ve always liked Frank Sinatra.

Maybe it’s a short guy thing.  In any case, I saw the original “Ocean’s Eleven” with Frank, Sammy and Dean as a college student.  I was with a bunch of young men of an impressionable age, and we became hooked.  

Since then, I’ve bought the CD’s, I’ve rented the movies (“From Here to Eternity” and “Kings Go Forth” are faves), and generally valued all things Frank.

Of course, this is coming from a suburban Dad whose weekly highlight is taking my kids to brunch at ”Anita’s” before church on Sunday.  Man, love those apple turnovers! 

Anyway, the Rat Pack gathers tomorrow night 7:30 pm at P.J. Skidoo’s, 9908 Fairfax Blvd in Fairfax City.  Everyone is invited.  Lawyers, doctors, business owners, moms, dads, singers and movie stars.  Details are on our website at www.fairfaxsenator.com 

Come and bring your main squeeze. It’s gonna be a gas!

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