In Memory of Mary Michaud

Earlier this week, a really classy lady passed away of a heart attack.

It was Mary Michaud, resident of Fairfax Villa and a long-time unpaid director of Central Fairfax Services which is the premier agency serving adult retarded citizens of Fairfax County.  Mary was my link to CFS, constantly inviting me to events and keeping us updated on their needs.  She was my #1 personal advisor on these issues. 

I knew and trusted Mary, because I grew up with the Michauds.  Mary’s son David and I were members of the Fairfax Cardinals traveling soccer team some 25 years ago.  His younger brother Peter played football with me at Fairfax High School.   Her daughter Marcy played on the Fairfax High team that went to the state finals. 

I talked to Mary and her husband two weeks ago while I was knocking on doors in their neighborhood.  I sweet-talked her into putting a new “Chap!” sticker on her van.  She was very proud of her kids and grandkids, which are numerous.

She will be greatly missed by her neighbors in the Villa and by those who care for retarded adults.  She represented the best of this community. 


Excellent obituary on Mary in Monday’s Washington Post

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