Viva Vienna!

Our Memorial Day weekend was dominated by the Viva Vienna festival in downtown Vienna.  Rock bands, thrill rides and funnel cakes vied for attention. The crowds mingled in the early summer heat, broken only by an awesome downpour on Sunday night. 

Thanks to the 80+ volunteers who showed up on behalf of our State Senate campaign.  Whether passing out balloons, stickers or bottles of water, you kept it going for many, many hours.  Thank you for your great effort (special thanks to Carlos Quintela who walked me down Church Street in a padded donkey suit).  You can see our pictures from ViVa at

Street festivals are a fascinating slice of American life.  When I introduce myself to people as a candidate for State Senate, I get a whole litany of responses (such as “but you’re so young” or “I live in Ohio”).    

You also learn a lot of things that you didn’t know before.  For example, did you know that there’s a proposed law in California requiring the mandatory sterilization of pets?  Or that the inventor of scrubbers for coal-fired power plants is from Fairfax County?  I know that now. 

But there was much more to the weekend than that.

Sunday morning, after attending the annual “Ride to the Wall” rally at the Harley Davidson in Fairfax Circle, I attended (along with Senator Cuccinelli) the Memorial Day service at Fairfax Baptist Temple.  It was a reminder of what the day was all about.    What was especially moving was the videos from members of the church serving overseas who sent their best wishes home.

Happy Memorial Day, America. 

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