In yesterday’s Washington Post, I was quoted in regard to the Tysons Tunnel project.  
Because of my temerity as a State Senate candidate in speaking on the Tysons debacle, I was on the receiving end of some unflattering comments by my opponent and her husband (my Congressman).  
It’s two-on-one again.
Because of the fact that my opponent and her spouse are being quoted in articles about our impending race, I hereby make the following request:
From now on, I request that my wife, Sharon Kim Petersen, be quoted in any article that features a quote from Congressman Davis about the ’07 race.
For those of you that don’t know her … Sharon is an Ivy League grad, a licensed attorney and a great mother.  She’s served as a preschool director, a Girl Scout organizer and a field hockey coach at Fairfax High School.  She knows a lot about health care issues, both for the elderly and for kids.  She’s also gorgeous.  
Why shouldn’t she get to comment?
This offer is subject to the following limitations:  no questions about my grooming habits, willingness to change diapers, or tendency to watch “SportsCenter” while infant children are crying.
Please call our campaign 703-349-3361 for further details.

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