Down the Stretch

Sorry for being out of touch.  I just finished a stretch of eight depositions (three in Korean), two motion hearings and a two-day trial (also in Korean) in the past three weeks.  Glad to be back among the living …
The best I can tell the U.S. Senate race in Virginia is tied.  Nationwide, the Democrats seem to be on the verge of an unprecedented victory on Election Day.  At least a half-dozen U.S. Senate seats and 20-30 Congressional seats could change hands.
There’s an irony in all this.  After a very hard-fought campaign, President Bush won a narrow victory in 2004.  Seems like that would have been a good time to scale back the partisanship and leave a positive legacy for his second term.  Or not.
Every Presidential initiative in the past two years has been a failure (Medicare reform?  privatizing Social Security?)  Wrapped around this has been the continuing debacle of Iraq.  Rather than admitting that the decision to invade was a mistake, the President has forged forward with a tone-deaf insistence on “victory” when that term defies any coherent definition.  Iraq is in a civil war based on age-old rivalries.  Nothing the U.S. can do will change that fact.
Now the hammer may be about to drop.


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