By Air, Land and Sea (for Webb)

Last night, while speaking to the Sierra Club in Reston, I remembered why Virginia is the greatest state in the nation.  Begin with the Chesapeake Bay, follow our broad rivers through the rolling Piedmont and then cross the Blue Ridge into the Shenandoah Valley.  Moving further west, you enter the Ohio River basin in southwestern Virginia.  Now you’re in the heart of historic Appalachia.
In other words, we’ve got some serious God-given gifts.  Who has a record of conserving them?
Not George Allen.  Not as Governor, when he failed to crack down on waste discharge at the Smithfield poultry plant (the local Delegate described him as the greatest threat to Virginia’s environment since Ulysses Grant).  Not as a U.S. Senator, when he rolled over for every bad idea from the Bush administration and supported off-shore drilling for oil in Virginia Beach.  Not in this campaign when he’s taken major contributions from the oil and gas industry while ignoring biofuels and conservation measures.    
Jim Webb is an unknown commodity on the environment.  That much is true.  But at least he starts with a clean slate.  And that’s a major improvement over the incumbent.


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