Rally with John Edwards

Just got back from an event for Jim Webb at a beautiful home in western Fairfax County.  There was a crowd of over two hundred people, who had come from as far away as Richmond and the District of Columbia.
The special guest was John Edwards, who spoke first.  He was charismatic as usual, although he went a little too long.  When you’re used to being the candidate, you forget that you’re not the main event!  
Webb was short and to the point.  As he reminded everyone, his message has not changed since he started the Senate campaign eight months ago.  The material points are that Virginia needs new leadership to fight for peace abroad, economic justice at home and against the abuse of Presidential power.  There it is.  Forty-one days to go.
Afterwards, my wife Sharon and I spoke with Jim’s wife Hong who is pregnant with their first child.  Since Sharon was pregnant during last year’s primary, she had her own memories of that ordeal.  She went into labor last March while I was giving a speech in Hanover, and I barely made it back to meet my new son.  If you can survive that stress in your marriage, you can pretty much survive anything.  
Question of the day:  how much longer can Allen hold on against the onslaught of old stories?


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