Missing in Martinsville

I’ve had a chance to read some posts this week extolling the Virginia bloggers’ conference in Martinsville. Due to family commitments (to be explained in my next post), I could not make it.  However, I have very fond memories of Martinsville from earlier visits.  
My former House colleague (and great friend) Ward Armstrong lives in a beautiful house a couple miles north of the city.  I stayed there several times during the LG run.  Not unrelated, Ward’s house had a full-size kegilator with an old-fashioned wooden tap.  Yeah, we poured ourselves a couple cold ones after a long day on the campaign trail.  Isn’t it great to be an American?
My last time in Martinsville was in May 2005, when I had a chance to address the Martinsville-Henry County Chamber of Commerce.  We talked about economic development along the Rte. 58 corridor and how a new state university could rejuvenate that community much more than yet another fly-by-night “call center.”  Although I didn’t get many votes out of there, it was a valuable learning experience, especially for someone from northern Virginia.


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