August Winds Down

It’s the last week of August.  We’re all ready for the summer to be over.  Can it last any longer? 
I’ve got a lot of subjects to talk about:  the political meltdown of George Allen, the declining ridership on the Virginia Railway Express, the demise of the Redskins’ offense (okay, it’s just preseason).  So much has happened in August.
On another note, this week marks the 10th anniversary of my marriage.  Ten years ago, my wife Sharon — who could have chosen anybody — married a young attorney with limited resources and lots of self-confidence.  I was a smooth talker.  I even persuaded her to leave her apartment in fashionable Woodley Park and move to my hometown of Fairfax City (a journey that is not measured in miles).  Our first date in Fairfax was a dinner at “The Old Country Buffet.”  True story.
Three kids later, and each day is better than before.  Happy Anniversary.


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