Sunday’s BBQ: The After-Action Report

OK, yesterday was a lot of fun.  For those of you who like music, I have to recommend Orrin Starr and the Sultans of String.  They were great.  Some classic Hank Williams, along with traditional fiddle and banjo tunes.  And barbecue, cole slaw and corn bread always work.  
Leslie Byrne and I appeared on stage together and (contrary to some predictions) we did not spontaneously combust.  Jim Webb spoke powerfully to the crowd of about 150 voters, who included Democrats, independents and a couple curious Repubs.  
Leslie made the pointed observation that this year’s primary was a lot more negative than ours in 2005.  I agree.  While we punched it out during debates, our mailings and advertisements were all positive.  Of course, it’s difficult to “go negative” in a four-way race.  More pertinently, it’s a lousy tactic if you’re going to walking into a general election as an underdog anyway.  And what’s with the attack on Webb serving as Navy Secretary under Ronald Reagan?  That’s a disqualification for  U.S. Senate?  Please.    
The last week should be telling.  I believe Webb has the momentum amongst the insiders but who knows what ordinary voters are thinking.  This morning at the gym I had a friend ask me “Hey Chap, who should I vote for?”  The average voter still needs to get adequate information to make the right choice.
Check your mailbox this week.  Let me know what’s out there …

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