Memorial Day Weekend in Virginia

It’s Monday evening, the end of an action-packed Memorial Day weekend in Virginia.  I spent all last week out West on business travel, so it was a relief to get home and then see the best this state had to offer.
Saturday I took my daughter Mary Walton to the “Viva Vienna” festival.  We had fun for about ninety minutes til I refused to buy her another Snow Cone.  The day collapsed after that.  
Sunday, my mother’s family met at our riverside farm in rural Middlesex County.  It was a brilliant sunny day and the Rappahannock River was filled with recreational boats.  Sadly, there is a lot less commercial fishing down there than there was when I was a child.  The oyster beds in Urbanna have been nearly wiped out by the inflow of nutrients into the Bay over the last twenty or so years.  There has been an effort to introduce a non-native oyster to replenish the Bay’s oyster population.   It’s a complicated and controversial subject and I won’t venture an opinion, other than I’m sure Albert Pollard (my old colleague in the House) knows the right answer.  Tell him to get back into public office!
Monday, we were back in Northern Virginia.  I marched in the Falls Church Memorial Day parade for Jim Webb, along with my wife, three children, my sister and three nephews.  The Webb campaign stood out for the number of volunteers (around 100) that absorbed the 90 degree heat and kept on going.  That shows you something.  A special shout-out to Ingrid Morroy, the Arlington Commissioner of the Revenue, who kept us going for a solid hour on the bullhorn.  
My biggest regret was not joining the “Ride to the Wall” this year.  I’ve been lucky to catch a ride on a bike the past few years, courtesy of Fairfax City’s Patriot Harley Davidson.  I just was not possible to be there this time.  There is no other experience which captures the emotions and memories of this great holiday.

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