Jim Webb, Ox Road South, and the latest news…

It’s a beautiful spring weekend.  I just finished mowing the lawn and planting new flowers at 10616 Moore Street.  Monday I’m off to Salt Lake City on business for the rest of the week.  There are a few important items I want to mention:
1.  Please mark your calendars for Sunday, June 4th from 2-4 p.m.  On that day, I will be hosting an event at 3936 Chain Bridge Road in Fairfax City for Jim Webb, candidate for U.S. Senate for Virginia.  You will meet the man who is bringing a “born fighting” legacy to the Democratic party of Virginia.  Details to follow!  (note — If you know a bluegrass group available, email me back)
2.  About three months ago, I had a heated argument with a Post editor about a submission.  He refused to publish it.  Worse, he criticized my grammar!  So much for the mainstream media.  Recently I’ve started a blog on Virginia politics called “Ox Road South.”  It’s at www.oxroadsouth.com.  It’s totally informal and open to comments.  For the uninitiated, Ox Road is the historic name for Rte. 123 which bisects Fairfax County and crosses the Occoquan River for points south.  Please check it out.  
3.  Saturday, my mother-in-law took her first unassisted steps since her massive stroke last November.  It’s been a long road back.  I know many of you who have inquired about her health.  She was such a dynamo in my previous campaigns, as well as at her church. My wife and I have learned a lot about the American health system and long-term disabilities in the past 7 months.  And it ain’t pretty.  
Hope to see or hear from you soon.


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